*All our pies as priced are personal size, but full size pies are always available for special order.*

If you need pie right away, please email us at 3141Pies@gmail.com

Who We Are

We are the Bakemaster. We are Pie. We are Sascha Benjamin Cohen, and we try our best to make fabulous treats.


We source locally, sustainably, and conscientiously as much as possible. Some of our suppliers are

  • Marin Sun Farms
  • Capay Organics
  • Mary's Chicken
  • Askinosie Chocolate
  • Omanhene Chocolate
  • Jim Beam Distillery 

We love these and all our providers, and we urge you to support them as well.

How To Order

It's easy: Just contact us via email or twitter (@3141Pie), and let us know what you are wanting from the current menu.

We accept payment by cash, personal check, or credit card via Square.



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